We offer community outreach to the needy.

A wide variety of Educational Programs for boys & girls.

Improving Quality of Life for needy community members.

Bursary programs to assist deserving needy students with school fees.

Upgrading and Improving Masjids & Madrassas in our communities.

We also vocational training and career advice to community members.

Welcome to Pwani One Shilling Foundation

Nonprofit Charitable Organization established in 2009

The Pwani One Shilling Foundation, an offshoot of One Shilling Foundation Nairobi, is a nonprofit Charitable organization established in 2009. It began as One Shilling Foundation, Mombasa (Office). Whose main objective is uplift standard of life of the Muslim Community channeling members’ Contribution, through into various development programs like Education, Health etc


We have partnered with other stakeholders to fund raise for various projects. With over 10 million Muslims in Kenya, should each Muslim donates a shilling a day it translates 10 million shillings a day . (At the end of the week it translates to 70 million and at the end of the month is about 300 million). The amount can be used to implement all the project and alleviate poverty.

Charity Saves


"The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "Save yourself from hellfire by giving even half a date-fruit in charity."

– Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 2, Hadith 498


What we have done so far


POSF Trustees and Staff lining up for a photo with beneficiaries during the donation of sewing machine for needy widow and orphans.

Kwale County

Madrassatul Nuur Hudaa Chitsanze in Kwale County Constructed by Pwani One Shilling Foundation (POSF).


Sheikh Awadh and Director of Iqra Youth foundation sponsored 31 Students at the Institution in Electrical and Refrigeration Courses

Technical University

Sheikh Awadh presenting a cheque donation to a sponsored students studying at Technical University

Get involved and donate your sadaqa to One Shilling Foundation today. Truly we can achieve a lot if we all participate. Apart from your monetary contribution you can also donate food stuffs and clothes. We also pick items and distribute on your behalf to institutions of your choice.

Support OUR Today at +254 724 83 4333 / +254 733 74 3172 or email donations@pwanioneshillingfoundation.org